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Court Ordered Drug Testing

Drug and Alcohol TestingCourt Ordered In certain legal situations, court ordered drug and alcohol testing becomes a crucial tool in ensuring accountability and compliance. At Commodore Solutions, we offer a range of tests that meet specific legal requirements and provide necessary evidence for court. These tests include Urine Testing (POCT & Lab), Hair Testing, Nail […]

Drug Testing for Truck Drivers

Navigating Drug Testing for Truck Drivers: A Crucial Safety Measure The transportation industry plays a pivotal role in keeping goods and supplies moving across the country. To ensure the safety of our roads and highways, drug testing for truck drivers, as mandated by the Department of Transportation (DOT), has become a standard practice. In this […]

Pre Employment Drug Testing

The Importance of Pre-Employment Drug Testing: What You Need to Know In today’s competitive job market, employers are increasingly looking for ways to ensure they hire the best candidates for their organizations. One essential step in the hiring process is pre-employment testing. This practice not only safeguards the workplace but also helps employers make informed […]

Random Drug Testing in the Workplace

Drug Testing in the Workplace: Ensuring Safety and Compliance To achieve a safe and productive workplace, many companies turn to random drug testing as a means to deter substance misuse among their employees. In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of random testing in the workplace, its benefits, regulations, and the considerations that employers […]

Environmental Exposure to Drugs

Why is environmental exposure to drugs dangerous for children? Environmental exposure to drugs can be dangerous for children due to several reasons including developmental Vulnerability, Lower Body Weight, increased absorption, limited ability to identify and avoid hazards, and long-term effects. Developmental Vulnerability: Children’s bodies and organ systems are still developing, making them more susceptible to […]

Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs in the Workplace

One crucial aspect of ensuring workplace safety is implementing a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program. Companies of all sizes and industries can benefit greatly from having such a program in place as it lowers costs, mitigates safety risks, and reduces company liability. Drug use in the workplace can lead to a variety of problems, […]

Hair Testing

Hair is a reservoir matrix and can provide a significant amount of historical data for drug and alcohol use/abuse. On average, hair grows at a rate of ~0.5 inches/month and 1.5 inches is tested by the lab to represent an approximate window of the past 90 days. Collecting samples Head hair is the most ideal […]

Cut off Level for Drug and Alcohol Testing

What is a cut-off level? A cut-off level in drug and alcohol testing is the level at which the concentration of a substance in a sample indicates a safety risk. So if a sample tests below the cut-off level, the test has a negative result. If a sample is equal to or above the cut-off, […]

How Long Does Cannabis Stay in the System

There are many factors… After cannabis use, the amount of time that the drug remains in an individual’s body varies. Within a few hours of cannabis consumption, metabolites can be detected in a person’s urine. The presence of cannabis metabolites can continue to be detected up to a few days after a single dose of […]

Breath Alcohol Testing Procedure

Workplace Testing Solutions Breath alcohol is the most commonly used practice for occupational alcohol testing. Breath alcohol meters measure the amount of alcohol present in the breath to accurately estimate blood alcohol concentration using an established ratio of how much alcohol the lungs absorb from the blood.   For non-DOT breath alcohol testing Canadian Model […]

Changes to Noise Exposure

Part 16 of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Code According to the OHS code, “excess noise” was previously defined as “noise that exceeds 85 dBA Lex and the exposure limits listed in Schedule 3, Table 1”; as of Dec 2022, that number has been lowered to 82 dBA Lex. (dBA Lex is the averaged […]

Direct Alcohol Biomarker Testing in Dried Blood Spots

TESTING PEth Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) is a direct alcohol biomarker.  Peth in blood exists as a component of the red blood cell membrane and is an alcohol-specific biomarker, meaning that it is created only in the presence of ethanol.  Significant PEth levels can be detected up to approximately 2-4 weeks after alcohol ingestion.  The stability of […]

Fingernail Testing

What do professionals who use fingernail testing for drugs and alcohol know that you don’t? Fingernail, made of keratin like hair, is emerging as a popular specimen type for drug and alcohol testing.  It is simple to collect, easy to ship and store, and is at the cutting edge of drug and alcohol testing.   Drug […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions are related to the types of tests and what they are used for. 1. Urine drug testing Urine drug testing is most commonly performed for occupational purposes (i.e. pre-employment or pre-access) but can be used for personal testing reasons.  The two types of urine testing are POCT/express or […]

Alcohol Biomarkers

As a rule of thumb for alcohol testing, think 3/3/3 – three days, three weeks, three months – to determine which test and which window of detection, meets your needs. Nail & Hair 3 MONTHS Indicates multiple occurrences of high alcohol consumption within an average of 3 months of collection Blood 3 WEEKS Indicates high […]

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