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Post Incident Drug and Alcohol Testing

The Benefits and Procedure of Post-Incident Drug and Alcohol Testing

In safety-sensitive careers, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is paramount. Among the strategies adopted by employers is post-incident drug and alcohol testing. In this blog, we’ll delve into the advantages of this testing approach and highlight the steps employers should take when conducting post-incident testing. We will discuss how this process contributes to promoting a workplace culture that prioritizes safety and awareness.

What is Post-Incident Testing?

Post incident drug and alcohol testing is to be completed after an accident/incident or near miss occurs on a worksite. If mechanical issues are ruled out from the cause of the event, post-incident testing is initiated. Each worksite has a clearly defined policy/procedure regarding post-incident testing requirements. It is essential that all parties are aware of the specific testing requirements.

What to Expect During Post-Incidents

If an incident occurs on a job site that is deemed unsafe, causes injury or damage to equipment or the environment it may trigger the need for post-incident drug and alcohol testing. At Commodore Solutions, we understand the workload and stress associated with workplace incidents. Our booking process for such testing is simple and effective. Here’s how it works:

The steps to book such testing with Commodore Solutions are as follows:

  • Text or call Commodore Solutions at 587-832-4441.
  • We will inquire about the following information:
        1. Name of company
        2. Name of supervisor booking the test
        3. Name of employee being tested
        4. Contact phone number and email
        5. Type of testing required
  • An immediate testing time will be arranged. Post-incident testing requires immediate attention.
  • The employee should ALWAYS be transported by a supervisor, company representative or a transportation service, as this is a safety issue.
  • Ensure that the employee has a valid government issued photo identification. It cannot be torn, broken or expired.

If you require a collector to come to your work site, we can organize this in certain situations. Results will be sent immediately to the company representative (DER) for a timely return to work.


Benefits of Post-Incident Testing

The benefits of post incident testing include:

Enhancing Safety: Post-incident drug and alcohol testing is instrumental in maintaining a safe and secure work environment. By identifying any substance-related factors contributing to an incident, employers can take corrective actions to mitigate future risks, prioritizing employees’ safety.

Deterring Substance Use: The process of post-incident testing acts as a powerful deterrent against substance use in the workplace. Employees are more likely to prioritize safety and refrain from engaging in risky behaviors, knowing they may be subject to testing following an incident.

Boosting Productivity: A safe work environment fosters productivity and efficiency. By addressing substance abuse issues through post-incident testing, employers create an atmosphere where employees can focus on their tasks without distraction or concern, leading to improved productivity.

Ensuring Compliance: Post-incident testing helps employers comply with regulatory standards and safety protocols. Conducting testing in a consistent and transparent manner ensures adherence to occupational health and safety guidelines.

Procedure for Employers

Establish Clear Policies: Develop comprehensive policies outlining the procedure for post-incident drug and alcohol testing. Communicate these policies to all employees and ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities.

Immediate Response: Following an incident, initiate testing promptly. While immediate testing is ideal, prioritize employees’ well-being, particularly if medical attention is required.

Select Testing Method: Choose appropriate testing methods based on industry standards and regulatory requirements. When booking with Commodore Solutions, ensure that all parties are aware of the specific testing requirements, including specific drug panels and method of testing- urine/oral fluid, and POCT or lab-based.

Result Reporting: Test results will be promptly sent to the company representative (Designated Employer Representative – DER) to facilitate a timely return to work for the employee.

Offer Support and Rehabilitation: Provide support and resources for employees who test positive for drugs or alcohol. Offer access to counseling, rehabilitation programs, and assistance with addressing underlying issues, emphasizing a supportive approach. Commodore Solutions has access to substance abuse professionals to assist with employee support.


Post-incident drug and alcohol testing is a vital component of workplace safety management, offering numerous benefits for employers and employees. By following a clear procedure and embracing a proactive approach to substance abuse prevention, organizations can create a culture of safety, and promote employee wellbeing. At Commodore Solutions, we take pride in assisting companies efficiently and effectively throughout the post-incident testing process.

To learn more on how Commodore Solutions can help you design and implement your occupational health and safety programs, please contact us.

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