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Hair Testing

Hair is a reservoir matrix and can provide a significant amount of historical data for drug and alcohol use/abuse. On average, hair grows at a rate of ~0.5 inches/month and 1.5 inches is tested by the lab to represent an approximate window of the past 90 days.

Collecting samples

Head hair is the most ideal sample type, if that is not available we will collect facial hair (we do not collect body hair). Artificial or chemically treated hair (including coloured hair) will not be accepted.

All certified collectors follow the same systemized collection protocol; hair is cut as close to the scalp as possible from 4-5 different sites around the crown area to collect 100-150 mg (depending on the drug panel), it is then packaged and sealed in the presence of the donor and shipped to the lab via express shipping. Hair is shipped to a certified toxicology lab in the US and takes approximately 1-2 weeks to process.

Hair Strand Testing is available in a clinical setting.  Depending on what you’re testing for, several types of Hair Drug Panel tests are available as well as Childguard Drug Panels.  

To learn more on how Commodore Solutions can help you design and implement your drug and alcohol testing programs, please contact us. 

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